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We are seeking partners with initiative and will to work. Are you interested?



At the moment we are looking for:



Owners of places of accommodation, recreation and restaurants.


E-wyjazd.pl is the perfect place to advertise your business. We are one of the few websites that will advertise your offer for free, providing you with the highest quality of services.


Persons interested in publishing their articles via our website.


You can become an author of articles, travelogues or news placed on our site. People interested in long-term cooperation are invited to become editors of whole subject areas.


Photos of cities, regions and attractions in Poland.


At the moment we are creating our tourist guide. If you have interesting photos of appealing places in Poland and you'd like to share them, please contact us.

Lodgings presented in the service and proposed the accommodations in them are not the offer in the meaing of the law. E-wyjazd.pl does not bear responsibility for details of the offer declared by the individual structures.
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