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Privacy policy



General terms.


By using the website e-wyjazd.pl you agree to the terms of our privacy policy, available at http://www.e-wyjazd.pl/polityka.php (in Polish). The website owners reserve the right to introduce changes to the privacy policy.



Protection of personal data.


The website e-wyjazd.pl guarantees that any personal details provided by the users while making use of this portal are protected per terms of the Personal Data Protection Act. Providing the website with data is voluntary and only required to register on the website.





Any person advertising or presenting his accommodation on the website is wholly responsible for the contents and accuracy of the information. The administrator has the right to correct and remove advertisements that have spelling or grammar mistakes. Complaints as to the corrections should be made 14 days after the corrections are implemented. The administrator is not responsible for the contents of the advertisements presented.





The website reserves the right to sent e-mails to persons whose addresses were gained through the website. By this we understand: Information regarding the website's functionality as well as paid commercials by sponsors.



Disclosed personal data.


Personal data given when providing comments, articles and similar input, are available to all visitors of the site. E-wyjazd.pl does not have the possibility to protect users from private parties or companies who use this data to sent unsolicited e-mail. This data is not covered by the privacy policy.

Lodgings presented in the service and proposed the accommodations in them are not the offer in the meaing of the law. E-wyjazd.pl does not bear responsibility for details of the offer declared by the individual structures.
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