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- Is the submission of an offer free?

Yes, submitting a place to our database is free. Only an additional advertisement costs.



- How are the offers displayed in the search results?

The offers are displayed in random order. One can secure for himself a top location among the search results by purchasing a 'First place in the search results.' This option is available via the customer control panel.



- Why cannot I upload a photo to complement my offer?

It is most likely caused by the photo being too large. The maximum allowed photo size is 500 KB.



- I have made an error inputting my offer, how can I correct it?

You can edit the data at any time. To do this you have to log in to the customer control panel at http://e-wyjazd.pl/panel/login_form.php.



- I have forgotten my password.

Please use the password retrieval form: http://www.e-wyjazd.pl/panel/zapomniane_haslo.php.



- I have forgotten my user name.

Please contact us at info@e-wyjazd.pl giving your full personal details.
Lodgings presented in the service and proposed the accommodations in them are not the offer in the meaing of the law. E-wyjazd.pl does not bear responsibility for details of the offer declared by the individual structures.
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